Wild Horse Prairie

Exhibited Images

A complete list of all venues and photographic images I have exhibited since 2004.

Assorted Imagery

Assorted Imagery - Summer Rain

Celebrating photographs from Yukon to the southern tip of Baja Mexico this portfolio contains uncategorised subject matter.

Prairie Life

A portfolio with many categories, photographed with film over a 15 year period featuring wooden grain elevators, churches, farm equipment and prairie scenery.


Abstract - End of the Line

Oversized photographs of everyday objects and textures have been separated from their surroundings with no connection to their original setting.

Ocean Waves (Seascapes)

Large images of waves captured only when specific surf and ocean conditions occur.


A format for displaying wide photographs produced up to 30”x120” print size.

Manipulated Images

Manipulated Images - Rowley

My original photographs are recreated in a less traditional way using image processing software.

Baja Mexico

Baja Mexico

A portfolio of diverse imagery, colourful, historical and always interesting.

Infrared Film

Infrared Film

Sadly this difficult to work with film is no longer available. My body of work is based on the prairie landscape utilising colour filters.



An appreciation of variety, style and construction of old doorways from buildings and churches from many parts of the UK and Paris.


The natural beauty, colours, and outlines of the wilderness and canyon areas of North America are the basis of this collection.

Limited Edition Prints

Although most of my photographs are open series I have produced a selection of limited edition prints.